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Why are you why you are?

Is your spirit mostly healthy and blooming with new growth or is it overgrown with weeds and thorns? Are the weeds and thorns growing from inside you or are you being choked from those surrounding you? Or is it both? Are you watering and feeding the weeds when you should be tending more to the flowers?

These lively, insightful poems and short stories in rhyme seek to expose a few of the various “weeds and thorns” that are historically common to mankind with relevant scriptures proving there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to our spiritual health and well-being. Some of our weeds and thorns should be pulled out by their roots and others will always need diligent pruning for us to continue to thrive and grow.

Topics include: Drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, gambling, hoarding, internet addiction, sexual promiscuity, infidelity, divorce, bullying, suicide, gossip, blame, shame, lying, idleness, envy, pride and selfishness.

Through the love, wisdom and knowledge God gives us freely and abundantly we will gain wisdom, knowledge, understanding, patience, empathy, forgiveness, kindness, encouragement, hope, peace and joy.

Poems and short stories are followed by two Biblical studies:

God used the humble and imperfect to carry out His highest will for those who chose to put their faith in Him and His Son Jesus Christ. Embrace His Holy Spirit and allow Him to heal, prune and guide you into His will for your life.